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Game Processing

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At Oregon Coastal Cutters, we provide custom cutting and wrapping services to local farmers and hunters. We work with anything on 4 legs and over 20 pounds, and have a mobile slaughtering truck that can come to your farm and handle your slaughtering needs on-site.


Our truck can handle up to 6 cattle or 12 pigs in one trip. We also offer custom processing for a variety of animals. Give us a call to set up your appointment today!

Local butchering services

Eric and Cindi Clark have been residents of Lincoln County for most of their lives, and their shop is centrally located in South Beach. Eric has over 30 years of experience in meat cutting and processing, specifically mobile cutting.


We can't wait to help you with all your meat processing needs. Whether you need beef, pork, lamb, goat, or wild game processing, we can help you.

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Convenient custom cutting, wrapping, and processing

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Emergency calls add $50.00



Cut & Wrap Beef & Pork

Hamburger Cow (1.5lb packs)

Orders Split into 1/4s

Butchers Choice on Rounds

Boneless Cuts

1 lb Hamburger

All paper wrapped

Cured & Smoked Meat

Lambs, Sheep, Goats

Harvest, Cut & Wrapped      $125.00

Elk- Boned Out, Best Steaks, Roast & Burger

Venison, Antelope, Bear, Cougars

Boned Out, Best Steaks, Roast & Burger

Grind Only (Your Trim)


Experienced meat processing



$145.00 out side of Lincoln County


$110.00 out side of Lincoln County

Call for up todate fees

Call for up todate fees

Call for up todate fees