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At Oregon Coastal Cutters, you can get high-quality custom processing from us. We have over 30 years of experience in the meat industry, and we do not do community smoke orders. The meat you bring to us is the meat you'll get back.


There is a 15-pound minimum for both smoked and fresh orders. Download our custom sausage prices or check out our price list for smoked or fresh processing here! You can also click on the images below to see our pricing and options.

Custom processing price list

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custom processing


Jalapeno Sticks

Teriyaki Sticks

Summer Sausage

Jerky (made from the rounds)

Pressed Jerky (ground meat)


Brats (link)

Suggested 10% Pork Added

Polish Sausage (link)

Suggested 10% Pork Added

Breakfast Sausage

Suggested 10% Pork Added

Fresh Sausage

Italian Sausage

Suggested 10% Pork Added

All prices are subject to change without notice

Call icon processed meat Custom and fresh order

Custom Orders

We do not community smoke orders, the meat you want smoked is the meat you will get back!

15 lbs Min for smoked and fresh orders smoked

2018 Custom Pricing

IMG_20180120_131828 IMG_20180120_131952

All prices have changed

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